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Our team

In winter, the Shuttleberg has more than 100 employees from over 17 nations. The different cultures and languages both enrich and stimulate our company and foster tolerant interaction, mutual acceptance, and appreciation of the other. These are also part of our corporate philosophy "Freestyle for Life"; we live and work "freestyle" and for us, this means unconventional, curious and open-minded.

In our company, we speak German and English – of course, our guests also benefit from this.

das Shuttleberg Team

The Shuttleberg Crew – a strong team

The backbone of the company

The team at Shuttleberg stands for continuity, reliability, and loyalty and fosters appreciative and collegial interaction. The regular crew that works year-round on the Shuttle-berg is dedicated, professional, and loyal, and many of them have been working here for decades. The company management can always rely on them 100%. The atmosphere among the crew is great. The age distribution is mixed. From apprentices to seniors with over 40 years of service, the team is characterised by diversity, and it is precisely that mixture that makes this team so special and that the guarantees stability. United in the enthusiasm for the bigger picture, everyone here has their heart in the right place and is supportive of one another.

Active support in winter

During the winter months, the regular crew is assisted by many highly motivated seasonal employees, making up two thirds and thus the bulk of the team. Many of them are regular seasonal workers, who are part of the Shuttleberg family just as much as the year-round staff and enrich and support the entire crew. Employees from up to 16 different nations work here, bonded by an overwhelming enthusiasm for winter sports. Their gratitude for becoming a full member of the crew for these short spans of time is what drives them. They love what they do and even travel from the other side of the world to be with us. At the end of the day, the best thing is when lasting friendships develop that persist beyond working hours.

Time and time again it has been proven that, in addition to the required professional competences, it is the human component and personal interaction that are the nuts and bolts of a successful company. Appreciation for our employees and their achievements can never be mentioned too often. 


How you recognise our employees

On the Shuttleberg you will immediately recognise our team: All employees are uniformly dressed in high-quality outfits from Burton in blue camou look with white print. Burton has been a partner of the Shuttleberg for many years and is a perfect fit with our company philosophy. 

Systemic guidelines set the course at the Shuttleberg

The centrepiece - the mission

For almost a decade now, Shuttleberg has been working towards a systemic approach 3.0. This also includes the guiding principle that serves as orientation and reference system for the company itself as well as its employees. ''

The centrepiece of this guiding principle is the mission, or task, so to speak, that the Shuttleberg aims to fulfil in order to make a valuable contribution to our global society. We see ourselves as a competent company and as friendly hosts, giving our employees and guests a sense of belonging. 

Our mission becomes apparent to our guests in the following ways: 
•    Shuttleberg enables sporting experiences on site
•    The quality standards are high, and the facilities are modern, safe and sustainable.
•    Work is done in a way that conserves resources and interventions in nature are compensated for as quickly as possible. 
•    Children and young people are encouraged and there is a diverse leisure program for families. 
•    The work and the appearance of the company is exemplary and strengthens the region. 

Embodied values shape culture

The values that Shuttleberg and its team embody are of high importance, namely: hospitality, development, togetherness, quality, safety, sustainability and humour, to name the most important. A life according to these values is a daily challenge that requires discipline and self-reflection, thereby shaping the cultural landscape on the mountain. 

All of this is based on the philosophy of “Freestyle for Life”. A lifestyle that not only applies to sports, but also to our mentality: Following your own creative path, trying out something new and different, and celebrating freedom are the most important cornerstones.

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