Ski amadé


In summer we put our webcams on single motives and views into the mountains. From the middle of November we will show you our slopes and parks as before. 

We wish you a nice summer and look forward to seeing you again in winter! 

Sun house - Flachauwinkl

The Sun House at the top station Sunshine Shuttle. 

Chill House - Absolut Park

Sight from the Chill House to the end of the Flachauwinkl-valley with the Mosermandl-mountain and the Faulkogel-mountain. 

Powder Shuttle top station

Sight from the Powder Shuttle top station to the Hochkönig-mountain range. 

Absolut Shuttle top station

Looking from the Absolut Park Kicker 1 to the mountain silhouette of the Tauern with the Ennskraxn-mountain and the Faulkogel-mountain. 

Lumberjack Shuttle bottom station

Looking from the Lumberjack Shuttle top station to the Ennskraxn-mountain on the left, the valley end Kleinarl and on the right side the national park Hohe Tauern.