Ski amadé


Sun House - Flachauwinkl

The Sun House at the top station Sunshine Shuttle. 

Chill House - Absolut Park

Sight from the Chill House to the end of the Flachauwinkl-valley with the Mosermandl-mountain and the Faulkogel-mountain. 

Powder Shuttle top station

Sight from the Powder Shuttle top station to the Hochkönig-mountain range. 

Absolut Shuttle top station

Looking from the Absolut Park Kicker 1 to the mountain silhouette of the Tauern with the Ennskraxn-mountain and the Faulkogel-mountain. 

Lumberjack Shuttle bottom station

View from the Lumberjack Shuttle bottom station to the valley end in Kleinarl and the Ennskraxn mountain.