Ski amadé


Nature can bear the stress that winter sports impose, provided that skiing and snowboarding are done in a regulated way. When you ski or snowboard away from the marked routes and slopes, however, it can cause problems. What are we doing, and what can you do to minimize the impact of skiing and snowboarding? 

Respect your boundaries

By supporting the campaign "Respect You Boundaries", we want to encourage a higher level of awareness concerning respectful behaviour towards forests and animals. Winter sports fans need to be aware of the fact that the woods are a habitat for flora and fauna. Our forests have a significant protective function for us humans. They minimise soil erosion, and they prevent or stop mudflows and avalanches that would endanger us. Therefore, it is essential that we accept the boundaries of our natural flora and fauna and that we stay on the designated routes and slopes. 

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Ecology & winter sports

The Shuttleberg  is very much aware of its role as the region’s leading enterprise. That is why we lead by example by protecting the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Our landscape is our most valuable asset. Only a sustainable approach to the way we work within the eco-system can guarantee long-term prosperity for the people in the region. We carry out necessary encroachments as gently as possible, keeping the effect on the environment as minimal as possible. Besides, we compensate each construct tonal encroachment on the mountain with ecologically valuable measures such as creating new ponds, moorland protection, the formation of deadwood and old-growth islands, adapting retention basins into biotopes, planting rare conifers, revegetation and landscape management. 

Summer mountain farming

In summer, our ski slopes are not left empty but are used by farmers from the region for alpine herding. In this context, we attach great importance to sustainable agriculture - 50 percent of them are therefore organic farmers. Some ski restaurants are also open in summer for hungry and thirsty hikers who enjoy the impressive mountain panorama and the cooler temperatures on the Shuttleberg.