Ski amadé

Snowmaking & grooming

The Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl invests annually in snow machines to guarantee sufficient snow on the slopes from the beginning of December until after Easter. Nine snowmaking technicians with 150 snow machines and three pumping stations will be in operation from the beginning of November. Every year the team provides perfectly groomed slopes and enough snow for the obstacles and the halfpipe in the Absolut Park.

Snow reservoirs

The last significant investment was the Himmelleitboden reservoir in Flachauwinkl, which holds 180,000 m3 of water and provides the water supply for the slopes along the Powder Shuttle and in Kleinarl. Also, the Shuttleberg is continually investing in new snow machines and has been working with the experienced manufacturers Demac-Lenko and Bächler for many years.

On the Shuttleberg there are six water reservoirs with a total capacity of 250,000 m3 of water. With this water and the natural inflows, all snow machines on the mountain are operated during the winter.

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Our well-trained, experienced staff with eight snowcats — three of which are winch machines (these also have a rope as a climbing aid) — and four skidoos work day and night to ensure that you will find perfect conditions on the Shuttleberg for a wonderful winter sports day.

Pistengerät Shuttleberg von oben

Shuttleberg Pistengerät

Pistengerät im Absolut Park

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