Diverse events for the whole family

There's always something going on on the Shuttleberg! Every week you can take part in the Kids Day, the Shuttle Games or the Speed Race and in winter we organise fun events for kids every month, where we party together with the Crazy Dolls, the Salzburg ClownDoctors and larger-than-life Easter bunnies. For adults, we invite you to the Mega Ski & Snowboard Test or the SAAC Camp, and for freestylers, we recommend the contests in the Absolut Park, which are also fascinating to watch.

Monthly events

January 2, 2020: Crazy Dolls Party 

The Crazy Dolls are having a party in the Sun House shortly after Christmas. They invite all children to an action-packed day with different challenges, an exciting mountain rally and a party in the Sun House, where they will receive a surprise. 

February 9-12, 2020: Local Kids Camp

The Local Kids Camp is a snowboard freestyle and freeski camp for local kids. Pros from the snowboard and freeski scene train with you for four days in the Absolut Park. Under their qualified instruction you will learn new tricks quickly and easily and soon approach larger obstacles. In addition, a film and photo shoot with professional photographers and filmmakers is waiting for you.

infos Local Kids Camp

February 12, 2020: Mega Ski & Snowboard Test

If you would like to test the latest freeskis and snowboards, our Mega Ski & Snowboard Test is the right place for you. Renting and testing of the equipment is free of charge and includes competent advice. The event starts at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Chill House.

February 25, 2020: Clown Party

The Salzburg ClownDoctors will make you laugh on Shrove Tuesday: They play with tuba, costumes, balloons and other equipment at Sun House on the Shuttleberg. Don't miss this! 

Clownparty am Faschingsdienstag

Faschingsdienstag Clownparty mit Crazy Dolls am Shuttleberg

March 07-08, 2020: SAAC Basic Camp 

The SAAC Basic Camp is a three-day avalanche safety camp with theoretical and practical training for backcountry fans. You can sign up for the camp in fall at

April 8, 2020: Easter Rabbit Party

At the Easter Rabbit Party, bunnies are strapping on skis and boards. As well, all kids will be pleased by our fun egg hunt, huge Easter statues built of snow, an exciting scavenger hunt and a Crazy Doll surprise, which they can take home with them. 

That was the Easter Rabbit PARTY 2018

Weekly events

Each Tuesday: Kids Day

On Tuesdays at 1 p.m., enthusiastic children meet above Sun House for the Kids Day. On the Fun Run they can compete in a fun race, and as a reward receive a cool Crazy Dolls keyring.

Each Wednesday and Sunday: Shuttle Games

How many lift rides do you manage in half a day? Find out at the Shuttle Games! If you want to take part, you have to ride each of the seven shuttle lifts once, after that every further ascent counts, no matter which lift. Between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., the winners are announced at our ticket offices where your lift ticket will be evaluated. 

Each Thursday: Speed Race

For adrenalin junkies, the speed course on the Shuttleberg is just the right thing: between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, it's all about getting the fastest speed on a safe course. A high-quality helmet from Burton will be raffled off among the top 20; all others will be pleased with a beautiful Shuttleberg goodie. 

Kidstag am Shuttleberg

Shuttlegames am Shuttleberg

Speed Course

Each Friday: Absolut Park Rad Day

A special kind of freestyle coaching: At the Absolut Park Rad Day, you can work on new freestyle tricks together with a coach in the Absolut Park. During your lunch break, you will enjoy a gourmet burger lunch in the Frauenalm before recording your progress with a follow cam and drone in the afternoon. Of course, you get the videos — to post, share and take home with you.

Costs: Euro 98,- per person (max. 8 persons)
Time: 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Absolut Park Rad Day

Each Saturday: open training in kleinarl

Welcome to the open training with the Skiclub Kleinarl.
The skiclub in Kleinarl supports the local youngsters, they coach three times a week motivated kids and juniors at the Shuttleberg. Every saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon all guests are invited to train with the skiclub and to improve themselves at the training piste in Kleinarl - the red slope at the Bubble Shuttle. 

Contests in the Absolut Park

December 14 to 15, 2019: Jib King

The Jib King has been rescheduled this season and will take place in December 2018. Besides, we have added two new categories to the amateur contest: Sponsored Riders for freeskiers and snowboarders with sponsorship contracts and Masters for the slightly older semesters (over 30). Both categories are open to men and women, with prize money waiting for the sponsored riders, while the others can win high-quality prizes. Registration is free and will take place on the day of the contest in the Chill House.

More about the Jib King

March 14 to 20, 2020: Spring Battle

At the end of March, freeski and snowboard pros from all over the world meet in the Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, where they celebrate their season-end with an innovative contest and send it at the demanding setup.

The Spring Battle is a World Snowboarding Elite Level and an AFP Gold Event, but still, fun and creativity are the priority at the relaxed jam session. The follow cam format is very popular with the athletes; any registered rider handing in an uncut video in time, showing his or her best run, will be judged. Riders can film each other for a couple of days and have enough time to step up their trick level.

infos Spring Battle

April 4, 2020: ZSAEP Experience

The ZSAEP Experience is a one-day freeski event for rookies aged 18 and younger, who get a chance to show their skills at the medium line in the Absolut Park. You can register for free in the Chill House next to Absolut Park on the day of the event. 

infos ZSAEP Experience

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl