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Join-In the Events - weekly

Join-In Events every week

Every Tuesday is Kids Day

We meet beside the Sun House on the Flachauwinkl side at 1 pm. Any child can take part in the fun games and competitions. And the great thing about it is that every child gets a prize: cool Crazy Shuttleberg Doll key rings!"

Every Tuesday is Kids Day on top of Shuttleberg in Flachauwinkl Ski amadé

Every Wednesday and Sunday is Shuttle Games Day

How many shuttle rides can you manage in half a day? In order to take part, all you need is a ski pass and 4 hours of your time. You can start whenever and where ever you want. Each of the 7 shuttle lifts must be ridden at least once, for the rest of the time you can take which ever lift you want, the main thing is you ride as many times as possible. Between 1p.m. and 3:30 p.m. you can pick up the results and a medal at any lift pass office.

Shuttle Games at the Shuttleberg mountain in Salzburger

Every Thursday is Speed Skiing Day

With great prizes to be won. Always from 10 a.m. to 12 noon “on top” of colorful Shuttleberg Mountain. No fear, just courage! One of the participants who lands under the 20 fastest skiers or boarders – male female and children have the chance to win a top quality Burton helmet. The other 19 winners will get a brand new, stylish Shuttleberg watch.

Speed ski on the Shuttleberg mountain in Austria

Speed ski at the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl Kleinarl in Salzburg Austria

Results from the speed race

Results from the speed race of the last two weeks:


Thursday, 13th Arpil 2017

Rank / Name / kmh

1. Josef Wollinger 90,78
2. Mark Büker 86,68
3. Michael Sager 81,86
4. Nicklas Frank 81,16
5. Oliver Schmidt 79,86 

1. Diana Atzpodien 76,67
2. Helene Erlandsson 75,30
3. Julia Immler 74,43
4. Maggi Wiesemann 69,59
5. Isabelle Nicklas 69,48 

1. Joel Gefers 75,84
2. Leo Paboukidis 73,20
3. Alica Paland 72,94
4. Alina Atzpodien 72,61
5. Luisa Büder 72,13

1. Heiko Hanebuth 78,99
2. Max Paboukidis 64,79
3. Malte Christiansen 52,50
4. Tim Christiansen 48,89 

Donnerstag, den 30th March 2017

Rank / Name / kmh

1. Carlo van den Burg 90,13
2. Harald Winkler 90,05
3. Erich Feld 89,95
4. Michael Kvas 87,47
5. George Dann 87,10 

1. Eva Prettner 86,75
2. Verena Zwinz 85,67
3. Isabella Weesjes 81,28
4. Sabine Freimark 80,72
5. Mette Westh 77,70 

1. Alexander Sinabel 83,61
2. Lukas Dann 82,70
3. Viktoria Sinabel 82,07
4. Tobias Brandstätter 80,64
5. Viktor Kallenbach 79,88

1. Matze Humann 74,26
2. Alexander Brucker 73,94
3. Florian Scheiblbrandtner 72,79 
4. Eduardo Almeida 68,48
5. Laura Fallnbügl 65,30 








Join-In Events every week - kids day - shuttle games and speed ski