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Indulgence with a clear conscience

We exclusively offer organic products at the Lumberjack – most of which coming either from the restaurant’s own garden, from Wagrain-Kleinarl, from picking excursions in the surrounding countryside or from regional providers with a dedicated concept of origin from Austria. The Lumberjack offers a range of contemporary meals for flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans. Enjoying plant-based cuisine together is our top priority. 

The organic restaurant LUMBERJACK is operated like a food hall, which means that independent hosts and chefs operate their own stations where they offer their freshly prepared organic specialties.


Sustainable indulgence is a key topic

Anyone that considers themselves a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan in a food- and lifestyle-related sense, will find the mountain lodge of their dreams at LUMBERJACK. The kitchen’s motto is “organic, fresh & natural.” Local bio-farmers and small bio producers from the Wagrain-Kleinarl valley supply our food hall with milk, yoghurt and cheese from their dairy shops, as well as meat and sausage products, bread and pastries, eggs, noodles, culinary herbs and tea… Almost everything that’s not available in the valley is still produced in Salzburger Land (organic beer & lemonade, Lungau potatoes) or Austria (organic wines, fish, fruits…). Meat is only supplied directly from within the valley. The only time we play the ‘Joker card’ is for things we don’t want to go without, for example coffee, cocoa, vanilla, lemons and olive oil.

Shared indulgence with good conscience

All meals are offered in Standard (1 portion), Medium (2 portions) and Large (4 portions). Reservations are possible from six persons upwards, combined with a theme for the shared meal. Drinks are also served in S-, M-, and L-versions, as far as it's possible. Drinking water is complementary from pitchers at the table. The LUMBERJACK Kids- and Youth Restaurant will be served with the same high level of quality. Through our host partners, we offer an organic menu with additional buffet options for our young riders accompanied by their instructors.

Architecture & Location

The spacious, open and light-flooded architecture of LUMBERJACK makes the visit an extraordinary experi­ence. Comfortable sitting areas, large patios as well as benches around cozy wood-burning stoves are featured across two stories, with an open balcony and enormous winter gardens. The Lumberjack Organic Alpine Restaurant is located at the base station of Lumberjack Shuttle.


Are you a flexitarian?

Wholesome, sustainable indulgence without restrictions – even in your leisure time as a winter sports enthusiast. Flexitarians eat mainly vegetarian food, but also treasure high-quality meat and fish. In addition to deliberately reduced amounts of meat and fish, key aspects are considering the quality, freshness and origin of all groceries, as well as responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle in general.

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