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In 1975 the three founding fathers Alois Rohrmoser, Sepp Harml and Benedikt Scheffer established the Kleinarl Lift Company, today’s SHUTTLEBERG Flachauwinkl – Kleinarl.

The Harml and Scheffer families had already gained experience as lift builders and operators in the Zauchensee ski area. Alois Rohrmaser was then sole-owner of the ski production company Atomic based in Wagrain.

The enormous sporting success of the Alpine ski racer and Athlete of the century, the local girl and Atomic skier Annemarie Moser-Pröll, was the catalyst for developing the Kleinarl ski sport region. Based around Annemarie’s home slope a new ski area was created within just 3 years, stretching from Kleinarl over the Frauenalm to Flachauwinkl Valley.  

In 1989 the link between Flachauwinkl and Zauchensee was opened and the train connection Zauchi was introduced. 

The following year the two Flachauwinkl lift companies built the Flachauwinkl motorway exit. 

In the year 1988 the lift companies and regional tourist offices of Flachau- Wagrain-St. Johann and Kleinarl-Flachauwinkl-Zauchensee came together with Altenmarkt-Radstadt, Filzmoos and Eben to create the Salzburger Sportwelt  Amade.

Due to financial problems with the Atomic company, the thitherto 50% owner of the lift company, Alois Rohrmaser, left the company in 1995. 

Since 2000 the Salzburger Sportweit including Shuttleberg Flachauwinki-Kieinarl has been a proud member of Asutria’s largest ski area alliance: Ski amadé.

In 2010 the Harml and Scheffer families swapped and bought shares in the Zauchensee  Lift Company and the Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl lift company. 

Since 2011 the Shuttleberg GmbH & Co KG (formally Kleinarler Bergbahn GmbH  Co KG) is under sole-ownership of the family holdings Harml Josef  GmbH & Harml Rupert  GmbH. The headquarters of the family-run company SHUTTLEBERG Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl is in Flachau-Reitdorf.

The brothers Sepp and Rupert Harml manufacture building materials and along with other partners they run a total of 5 works in Salzburg (among others in Radstadt and St. Johann) and in Styria.

In addition many members of the Harml family are also actively involved in tourism as accommodation owners, hoteliers and restauranteurs in various different Salzburger Sportwelt locations.

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1975 The first chairlift was built in Kleinarl, the most modern double chair lift around at the time. Also the Mooskopf  Schüttalm lifts were built.

1977 The first lift on the Frauenalm: The Frauenalm drag lift.

1978 Construction of the Walchau double chair lift and the drag lift.

1981 Expansion of the pistes on the Frauenalm, construction of the Hubertus drag lift.

1982 The first experiments with snow-making technology were carried out (diesel powered cannons). The first water reservoir was Konrad Seiwald’s Schüttalmt pond.

1985 The old Schüttalm lift  is replaced by a new generation drag lift. Opening of the Fürstwand area and the construction of the Fürstwand drag lift.

1986 Expansion of the Schüttalm pond, the new Fürstwand piste is created, expansion and alterations to the valley run in Kleinarl via Vorderstuhl and Viehhof.

1987 First installation of snow-making pipes from the Flachauwinkl middle station to Walchau, the system is connected to the water supply from the power plant line Schmid-Gindlgut, first Skidata system and time monitoring with Zauchensee.

1988 Construction of the Schüttalm Pond pumping station.  

1989 Extension of the snow-making facilities in Kleinarl from the middle station to Vorderstuhl.

1990 Construction of the first detachable chair lift with weather protection hood. The Mooskopf lift is replaced by the BUBBLE SHUTTLE. Development of the SHUTTLEBERG Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl concept.

1991 Snow pipelines on the steep slopes up to the mountain station.

1993 Construction of the first designated storage reservoir at the Fürstwand, construction of the first practice lift in Kleinarl-Viehhof and Flachauwinkl-Walchau.

1995 Installation of the first detachable 6-man chair lift, the FAMILY
SHUTTLE replaces the Gindiplatten drag lift. 

1996 Construction of the storage reservoir on the Frauenalm, snow-making facilities on the Hubertus lift.  Canalisation in Flachauwinkl. 

1997 Construction of the first freestyle facilities at the Frauenalm lift.

1998 Installation of snow-making facilities along the entire Family Run.

1999 The Walchau double chairlift is replaced by the SUNSHINE SHUTTLE, the lift pass office in Flachauwinkl is redesigned as an open reception area. 

2000 The freestyle  facilities are moved to the Hubertus lift. Opening of the

2002 SHUTTLEBERG Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl comes into being. Five detachable lifts are installed across the mountain. No more drag lifts from Kleinarl Valley to Flachauwinkl Valley. The Kleinarl double chair lift is replaced by the CHAMPION SHUTTLE. The Frauenalm drag lift is replaced by the 

2003 Construction of the Easy Slope (today the Kleinarl Family Run), canalisation from the Schütt-alm to the middle station in Kleinarl. Since 2003 all lift stations and mountain hut restaurants have been connected to the local sewer system. 

2003/2004 Construction of the club hotel resort in Kleinarl. Managed as the Robinson Club  Amadé. The lift companies (Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl and Zauchensee) are majority shareholders of the hotel complex. 

2005 Widening of the lower section of the BUBBLE slope. In low season this section is used for races and training sessions.  

2006 A milestone for the freestyle scene on SHUTTELBERG: The  ABSOLUT
SHUTTLE and the CHILL HOUSE are opened. A pumping station is installed at the Frauenalm. 

2007 Non-stop snow pipes Kleinarl Midway point to Flachauwinkl.

2008 Construction of the second snow park: Burton the Stash at the POWDER SHUTTLE with a suspension bridge and the Stash Cabin.

2008 Founding year of the ABSOLUT  SCHOOL: The ABSOLUT  PARK‘s freestyle school and traditional ski school in Flachauwinkl by the
SUNSHINE SHUTTLE. Their partner for equipment is Intersport Schneider.

2009 The blue run is christened: FAMILY RUN with its Crazy Shuttleberg  Dolls as its mascots. The project grows year for year.  

2010 Construction of the SUN  HOUSE  with children’s cinema. A new practice lift in Kleinarl is introduced. 

2011 Construction of the storage reservoir Winkalm II and the SUPER PIPE is born.  Expansion of the W-Lan network on the entire mountain. Four new wecams are installed with livestreams from SHUTTLEBERG. New ski panorama and piste organisation with six outdoor screens at the entry points.  The ABSOLUT PARK car fleet:  3 VW Amaroks.

2012 Ground construction for the 5er kickerline in the ABSOLUT PARK with the intention of becoming the leading freestyle mountain in Europe. Widening of the slope by the ABSOLUT SHUTTLE.

2013 Construction of the Super Pipe lift.  The lift pass office in Kleinarl is renovated and made more customer-friendly. The lower section of the Family Run is widened and is expanded by offering skiers a loop through the woods and two new Crazy Doll stations.   

2014 Construction is started on the Himmelleitboden storage pond. A  Kids and Fun Area in the Sun House is created. Two new Family Run stations in Flachauwinkl are added. Purchase of two Skiline Terminals installed at the lift pass offices.

2015 Himmelleitboden Reservoir: This new reservoir has taken shape and will go into operation in Winter 2016/17. The pumping station and pipelines have already been completed. Powder Piste: Material excavated from the reservoir has been incorporated into the piste to give it an ideal gradient.

2016 Himmelleitboden Reservoir: This is the largest of its kind in Salzburg and since being put into operation has doubled the snowmaking capacity on the mountain making Shuttleberg absolutely snow-sure.

2016 The Family Run takes you over the entire mountain - right down to the valley in Kleinarl. The new section of the run leads down from the midway station in Kleinarl via the Mönchsberghof and boasts three additional Crazy Dolls stations. 

2016 Cross Run: A selective cross trail runs from just above the Schüttalm down to the Fürstwand lift at the valley station

2016 40 certified kilometres of piste with a premium seal of approval await winter sport enthusiasts.  

2017/2018 In December 2017, the Lumberjack Shuttle will go into operation, to date the longest lift at Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl.  The powerful, detachable 6-person chairlift on the Kleinarl side of the resort is located directly next to the Family Run. It replaces the T-bars Fürstwand and Schüttalm. In future, winter sports enthusiasts can decide at the Champion Shuttle top station if they would like to take the Bubble Shuttle or branch off to the Lumberjack Shuttle. 

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• Jib King: for budding snow boarders  and free-skiers always held just after the Christmas holidays.  
• Absolut Progression with the ZSAEP Experience until 2014.
• Spring  Battle  TTR***** Contest  International Snowboard Tour: Ticket To Ride – the world’s best snowboarders show their latest tricks at the end of the season since winter 2014/15 as a follow cam session for snowboarder and freeskier.

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Winter sports enthusiasts can expect fast, safe lifts and excellently prepared, snow-sure pistes as standard. However, as winter sport experts our understanding  greatly exceeds this. We have optimised our facilities and events with three main target groups in mind:

• Factive families with children between the age of 6 and 12
• Freestyle snowboarders and free-skiers
• Off-piste skiers and free-riders 

• Easter Bunny Party on Wednesday in the week before Easter since 1999
• Mega Ski Test in January since 2000, free-ski & snowboard tests since 2011  
• Clown Party on Shrove Tuesday since 2000  - Cooperation with Salzburg’s Clown Doctors since 2007
• Santa Claus Festival in the Christmas holidays from 2002 to 2010 - Cray Dolls Festival since 2011  
• Shuttle Games since 1999 starting with 5 runs, increased to 6 runs in 2006
• Speed Day on the speed skiing section of the Powder Shuttle since 2000
• Kids Day since 2007
• Crazy Dolls since 2008 – meanwhile there are more than 92 different Crazy Shuttleberg Dolls.
• SAAC Avalanche Camp since 2008: a two-day basic training camp. New in 2013 was a three-day camp in cooperation with the SAAC and the Salzburg University’s Avalanche colloquium.

History of Shuttelberg mountain Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl in Salzburg