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Absolut Cool - Absolut School

Learn it, stick it, love it

The Absolut School is the Freestyle training centre for skiers and snowboarders. Freestyle means developing your own style on specially made skis and boards, for the most part in parks or off-piste.

The Absolut School coaches are true-blue freestylers who love and live their sport. Some of whom have made a real name for themselves in the international snowboard and free-ski scene.

The freestyle courses take place in the park from the very first day, starting off in the beginner’s park on small, wide boxes and easy jumps, later moving on to larger obstacles. You won’t find a more authentic way to learn to freestyle.

Alongside free-ski and freestyle snowboard courses, the school also offers conventional ski courses and kids courses for even the very small.

All beginners and children are well taken care of by our qualified ski and snowboard instructors. For the Absolut School high quality teaching is a priority and the number of participants per group is limited. Suitable equipment for each course is booked as soon as you register for your ski lessons.

Tel. +43 6457 25 74 210
Liftpass Station Sunshine Shuttle Flachauwinkl

Absolut School - the Freestyle school at the Shuttelberg mountain in Flachauwinkl

Opportunities for young talents

The Shuttleberg team is keen to provide help to up and coming talents. That's why, as well as the Absolut School, freestyle camps and rookie contests are organized in the Absolut Park and in Burton The Stash Park.

There's a lot going on every season. At the Game of Stash having fun is a priority. The Jib King concentrates on rocking the jib park. The Zsaep Experience is a memorial event dedicated to avalanche training, photography and film. We try to pass on and promote all these skills at an early age so that the youngsters are geared up from the beginning. More information about the contests at the Absolut Park here:

Their own jib park, the enhanced beginner line in the Absolut Park and the Chill House have all been set up for the new generation of freestylers.

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During the half term holidays, from 11th to 14th February 2018, the Absolut School will be organising a snowboard freestyle and freeski camp for kids and teens from the Ski amadé area and the City and Counties of Salzburg.

Absolute professionals from the snowboard and free ski scene will be coaching the youngsters, giving them valuable tips and advice as well as teaching them some really cool tricks.

From the very first day the course is held in the park.

First Freestyle school in Austria