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Bans contradict our business approach – the world we live in is a colourful, the world of winter sports is colourful, Shuttleberg is very colourful and so too is the mountaineering ski scene. A lot of our customers are ski mountaineers who have a valid season ticket and are therefore paying guests. Because of the lack of access-point ticket reading stations they remain however, largely unregistered with the result that the lift companies do not receive revenue from this ticket pool.

For this reason Shuttleberg has decided to introduce two special access points with ascent trails for mountaineering skiers. Both routes lead to the Mooskopf Peak in Flachauwinkl: one starts at the beginners’ lift, the other at the Champion Shuttle exit point in Kleinarl. Both ascent trails run along the side of the pistes and are marked with signs that are clearly visible for mountaineering skiers and the descending skiers and snowboarders. There are additional warning signs at points where trails cross the piste. Crossing the pistes anywhere else, other than the designated intersection, is not permissible for safety reasons.  

It is now easier for ski mountaineers to make a contribution to the facilities they use on Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl. They must either be holders of a valid ski pass (day, multi-day or season ski pass) or our mountaineering Skier Ticket and must register at the access points before they start their ascent.  

The Mountaineering Skiing Trails – Hours of Operation
The ascent trails can generally be used during regular Shuttleberg opening hours. Outside of these times the pistes are officially closed. Due to adverse snow conditions or crowded pistes the mountaineering ski trails can be closed completely or the hours of operation reduced to morning use between 08:30 and 10 a.m. Up-to-date information about this can be found on the “Home” page of our website.

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