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6+1 shuttle lifts

With now 7 efficient Shuttles you can explore the entire Shuttleberg Mountain – from FLACHAUWINKL - KLEINARL - there and back ...

Our comfortable connecting lifts are called „Shuttles“ and take you quickly and effortlessly to the peaks without having to take off your skis. The 7 lifts are: Sunshine Shuttle, Family Shuttle, Powder Shuttle, Bubble Shuttle, Champion Shuttle, Lumberjack Shuttle and Absolut Shuttle.


This new 6-seater chairlift with bubble is located on the Kleinarl side of the Shuttleberg, one kilometre below the middle station. The lower station is located north of a woodworking place in the forest of the Austrian Federal Forests. Therefore, the shuttle carries the name Lumberjack.
Here is a portrait of the new chairlift.


Sunshine Shuttle in Flachauwinkl - at the Shuttleberg in Salzburg

From the foggy valleys and the smoggy city, through the tunnels to sunny Flachauwinkl: a typical February morning, cold but with clear blue skies. On days like this the Sunshine Shuttle and the sunny south-facing slopes of the valley run dominate the view.

It was exactly this sunny, feel-good kind of atmosphere that inspired the entertaining raps especially written for the Sunshine Shuttle. With these catchy rhythms you’ll “swing” your way down this attractive piste with ease


Family Shuttle in Flachauwinkl - on the Shuttleberg mountain in Austria

The first detachable grip chair lift on Shuttleberg Mountain. We are family! The fun-run to the valley with the Crazy Shuttleberg Dolls is ideal for families as we know and love them: a colorful mixture of friends and relatives: 6 winter sports enthusiasts who meet by chance on the chairlift, 2 families whose children collect anything to do with the Crazy Dolls, 6 boarding mates on their way to the Absolut Park, free-ski and snowboard free-styling pros on their way to train on the pipe… 
The FAMILY SHUTTLE which services the main part of the family run and the SUN HOUSE is the starting, finishing and meeting point for sporty families. The Crazy Dolls: a truly motley crew who just love having fun on the mountain. Rusty Rabby, Metal Mizy & Co are joined by new family members each year and these newcomers are depicted on the bubbles of the FAMILY SHUTTLE and at the stations dotted along the family run.


Absolut Shuttle at the Absolut Park - on the Shuttleberg mountain in Austria

This is the youngest of the 6-man Shuttles with weather protective hoods. It is Located in the sunniest part of Shuttleberg Mountain right next to the Absolut Park. A speedy ride in comfy chocolate-brown seats offering a birds’ eye view of the snowboarder and free-ski arena.

The lift was designed in “Wild-West Look” fitting in perfectly with the motto in the Absolut Park scene.


Powder Shuttle at the Burton the Stash Park - on the Shuttleberg mountain Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl

After a ride on the Powder Shuttle, the third lift on the Flachauwinkl side and the connecting lift between Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl, you realize where its name comes from – “powder” stands for the numerous off-piste routes on the Frauenalm serviced by the lift.

The area below the Powder Shuttle has been dedicated to the freestylers. It offers around 40 obstacles made of wood and snow, with wide boxes and rails. It’s ideal for beginners and youngsters and the perfect free-style starting point.


Bubble Shuttle in Kleinarl - at the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl in Salzburg

The Bubble Shuttle is the first detachable chairlift in Austria. It was built in 1990 and is still in top shape. With its four seats, its the only one of its kind on the mountain. It was the pioneer lift in Shuttleberg and preceded five additional six-seater lifts in the same style. As far as carrying capacity goes it‘s more than able to keep up with the rest transporting up to 2,400 skiers per hour in comfort. In orange and light blue the Bubble certainly doesn‘t show its age and has an irresistible, youthful charm all of its own. The chairlift‘s protective hoods are regularly polished and last year the 120 seats were decorated with motives of the Crazy Shuttleberg Dolls. A ride on the Bubble Shuttle is always great fun.

The Easy Slope - a kilometer-long treat which starts at the summit and leads you along the slopes of the Fürstwand right down to the Bubble Shuttle valley station.


Champion Shuttle with the skiing star Annemarie Moser-Pröll in Kleinarl

You can’t miss it, the lift for Kleinarl’s ski champion Annemarie Moser-Pröll. As you sit on comfortable red leather seats Annemarie’s impressive career wizzes past you.

The Champion Shuttle brings you to the start of the challenging Champion’s Run to Kleinarl which is a jaunty, attractive piste that certainly lives up to its name

Snow cats and well trained staff ensure perfect conditions on Shuttleberg Mountain

Snow Making & technical equipment

Every year Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl invests in snowmaking technology to ensure that the pistes stay snow-covered during the entire winter season. Nine snow producing staff and 150 snow making machines, 3 water reservoirs and 3 pumping stations are ready for action from the beginning of November. Our team ensures that the pistes are in excellent condition and that there is plenty of snow for the obstacles and half-pipes in the Shuttleberg Parks every year.

The last major investment was the storage reservoir Himmelleitboden in Flachauwinkl. The reservoir holds almost 190.000 m3 of water and secures the water reserves for the artificial snow needed on the pistes serviced by the Powder Shuttle and in Kleinarl. The facility is connected to a micro-hydropower unit supplying sustainable energy. Shuttleberg continuously invests in snow-making technology and has put its trust the products from Demac-Lenko and Bächler, a reliable partner that they have been working with for many, many years now.

8 piste machines, 4 Ski-Doos and extremely well trained staff work day and night to ensure perfect conditions on Shuttleberg Mountain for the best possible winter sports holiday ever.

Shaper of the Absolut Park team - the Freestyle Park in Salzburg
6 shuttle lifts with canopy for six people