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Great Give Aways for fun

Crazy Dolls Accessoires go online

You will get the the Crazy Dolls accessories at the family events at the shuttleberg or you can buy them in our web shop. Of course, these fun souvenirs can still be purchased at the lift pass offices in Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl.

  • t-shirts
  • sticker, sticker album
  • key rings
  • memory cards
  • card game
  • soft toy
  • ludo dolls

Stickers and the sticker album are a reward for the passing the different stations on the Family Run.
The key rings are available at the weekly children’s races (Tuesdays).

Ludo dolls - the new ludo game with the Crazy Shuttleberg Dolls of the Shuttleberg
T-shirts with the Crazy Shuttleberg Dolls as give aways
T-shirts, key rings, stickers and sticker album of the Shuttleberg mountian in Salzburg