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Shutlleberg for kids & Co

Family time

The perfect place to relax is the Sun House at the Flachauwinkl half-way station. In the Relax Zone your children can romp around and let off steam without their skis. Then there’s the Family Run which is a particularly easy piste and the ideal descent for children and beginners.

The monthly festivals on Shuttleberg Mountain with the Crazy Dolls, clowns and perky Easter Bunnies are organized specially for our “minis”: you’ll find the program here. Sporty kids are always looking for a new challenge, and once again, Shuttleberg manages to keep step with pace chasing on the speed skiing run, a ride over the stash run full of looping turns and tricky hurdles, and racing against the clock on the timed course – we have it all. 

Here, reaching the top of the slopes is a particularly comfortable affair, because Shuttleberg is serviced entirely by chairlifts. No bothersome taking off and putting on skis or boards, you simply take a seat! The bubble covers protect against wind and snow and when the sun is shining you can enjoy a glorious sunbathing session on the way to the top.

Great offers for families - a wide range of activities for each age.


Shuttleberg – the ideal destination for sporty kids and their families with an almost endless list of things to:

  • Family Run with Crazy Doll point
  • Fun Run at Sun House
  • Sun House with cinema
  • Crazy Doll stickers and album
  • Weekly events – Kids Day, Speed skiing and Shuttle Games
  • Monthly Crazy Doll Festival, clown party or Easter Bunny Festival
  • Sweets, stickers, posters and tissues at the lift pass offices
Stilly Willi - Crazy Shuttleberg Doll at the Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl
Offers for kids and families at the Shuttleberg in Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl