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Our team

International, friendly, openminded

The Shuttleberg team includes more than 100 employees from more than 15 different countries. The various cultures and languages enrich and invigorate our mountain and also encourage tolerance, acceptance and appreciation. 

All of this is part of our company philosophy "Freestyle for Life": We live and work "freestyle" — for us this means unconventional, curious and open-minded.

In addition to German, our company language is English, which of course also benefits our guests. 

Mitarbeiter am Shuttleberg

Our focus: the people

The most important thing for the Shuttleberg are people. We work continuously to create an environment in which both guests and employees feel comfortable and valued. Our framework is a systemic one in which "we" and "belonging" are crucial.

For you as our guests, we aim to implement our services optimally and to fulfil your wishes as well as possible. The best way to achieve this is when work brings us meaning and joy. For this reason, we strive to promote and support our employees in the best possible way. Equal treatment of all employees, regardless of gender and origin, is a fundamental principle at the Shuttleberg. We pay wages above the collective agreement and are proud that a large part of our team has been working for the company for many years and seasons.

We know that we still have a lot to learn because where people act, mistakes can happen. If you have any suggestions for improvement or any feedback for us, we would be happy to hear from you.

How you recognise our employees

On the Shuttleberg you will immediately recognise our team: All employees are uniformly dressed in high-quality outfits from Burton in denim look with white print. Burton has been a partner of the Shuttleberg for many years and is a perfect fit with our company philosophy.