Ski Lifts / SHUTTLES

Seven comfortable chairlifts

With Shuttles, we refer to our detachable chairlifts that take you uphill and comfortably and quickly. There are seven Shuttles on the Shuttleberg:

Lumberjack Shuttle

Opened in December 2017, the detachable six-seater chairlift with bubble is located on the Kleinarl side of the Shuttleberg, one kilometre below the Champion Shuttle top station. The bottom station is located north of a shelling place in the forest of the Austrian Federal Forests. A shelling place is a wood yard and place of work of the woodcutters, therefore the Shuttle is called Lumberjack.

Lumberjack Shuttle

Check out how the lift towers (Stützen) for the Lumberjack Shuttle were set up:

Sunshine Shuttle

The Sunshine Shuttle six-seater chairlift takes you quickly and comfortably from the Flachauwinkl bottom station to the southern slopes of Flachauwinkl. The top station is located opposite the Sun House. Inspired by the sunny ascent, our guests have composed entertaining rhymes that adorn the Sunshine Shuttle's weather protection hoods.

Family Shuttle

The Family Shuttle was the first detachable six-seater chairlift on the Shuttleberg and one of the first of its kind in the region. The weather hoods are decorated with many colourful Crazy Dolls, the Shuttleberg’s mascots, which are particularly popular with children. The slopes along this lift are particularly varied. 

Absolut Shuttle

The Absolut Shuttle six-seater chairlift is located right next to the Absolut Park and the Chill House and takes freestylers quickly to the highest point of the park. From the lift you have a great view of the park area and can watch the freeskiers and snowboarders. The lift was styled in a wild-west-look because of the Absolut Park motto: "Cowboys ride it hard". 

Powder Shuttle

The Powder Shuttle six-seater chairlift connects the Flachauwinkl side of the Shuttleberg with Kleinarl. Underneath the lift lies The Stash, a unique park with creative wooden obstacles that are integrated into the natural terrain. Kids and beginners can train in the Lil' Stash with its broader, easier boxes and rails. Of course, the Powder Shuttle also takes you to freeride routes with excellent powder descents. 

Bubble Shuttle

The Bubble Shuttle was the first detachable chairlift with weather protection hood in Austria, it was built in 1990 and is still in top shape. With four seats, it is the only one of its kind on the Shuttleberg, but thanks to its many chairs per hour it has the same capacity as all other lifts. The red Bubble slope along the chairlift is a popular carving slope due to its width.

Bubble Shuttle Bergstation

Champion Shuttle

The Champion Shuttle was dedicated to ski champion Annemarie Moser-Pröll from Kleinarl. As you sit in the comfortable red leather chairs of the six-seater chairlift, the milestones of Annemarie's skiing career pass you by. It is located along two freeride routes and the black champion slope, a sporty downhill run for the ski and snowboard champions among you. But of course you can also ride comfortably over the Family Run to Kleinarl Valley.

Sunshine Shuttle