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The number one resort for active families and freestylers.
Located between the ski resorts Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl, the Shuttleberg mountain attracts visitors with a wide variety of runs for all levels, fast and comfortable ski lifts, and a unique setup for freestyle snowboarders and freeskiers. 

We will start on December 8th in the season 2017/2018 
and we will operating all our lifts and pists at Shuttleberg and Absolut Park until April 8th.

Who is missing winter feeling - here you find the movies of the last season

The new Lumberjack Shuttle is under construction.
All information of the new longest and fastest chairlift at Shuttleberg.

See you at Shuttleberg!

Shuttleberg Winner

Riddle Easter:
1. Emma Fuchs, (A)
01.  Noah Weigel
02.  Juliane und Korbinian Scharner  
03.  Ella Büker                                
04.  Florian Schaidreiter                  
05.  Luisa Stegemann                      
06.  Jonas Loipold                            
07.  Sarina Romlewski  
08.  Maximilian Wagner 
09.  Max Visser    
10.  Max Geyer 

Riddle Magazine:
01.  Tammy Lill   
02.  Astrid Flotzinger  
03.  Elke Erkens  
04.  Frank Köhler 
05.  Bernhard Edler  
06.  Reinhard Kuba      
07.  Josip Jovanovic 
08.  Oliver Spieker    
09.  Christoph Kofler   
10.  Anina Schafnitzel 


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